Australia: High school fees deterring Migrants


The skills shortage in New South Wales, Australia could be alleviated if the State Government stopped charging temporary residents $5000 for each child they enrolled in a public school, reports the Sydney Morning Herald.

Mervyn Bryant, the managing director of Lismore Diesel Service, said that after an Australia-wide search for a tradesman he finally found one in South Africa. “It’s nearly impossible finding a diesel fuel-injection fitter,” he said. “We found a tradesman in South Africa‚Ķbut he is very concerned about the high cost of schooling his three children here.”

Mr Bryant said the cost per child was $4500 plus administration fees, which had to be paid before school started. “The fees are discouraging some prospective employees from coming,” he said.

Australia is facing a shortage of about 240,000 skilled workers in trades such as plumbing and motor mechanics.

Brendon Boyce, the director of the migrant recruitment agency Recruitglobal, said a family with three school-aged children moving to Australia and living in New South Wales could have to pay up to $14,500 in advance in school fees while receiving a wage of $41,850 a year.

A spokeswoman for the Education Minister said 457 visa holders could apply to have school fees waived.


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  1. IF this is the case why should ‘temporary residents’ be subjected to the same if not greater taxes than the residents. Surley if public services tha are freely avaliable to residents but not free to Temporary Residents then this should mean that these Temporary should be exempt from paying taxes. THe Austrailian Government is esentially in my view stealing from the non residents who are working, contributing and helping to develop their ecomomy by filling in the skills shortfall currently being experienced.
    I am thinking of migrating as a skilled worker but have 4 school going children so I my be thinking twice if I have to give 20,000 out of my earnings.
    Raymond Laffan

  2. It says that 457 visa holders can apply to get school fees waived, but where do you apply? If anyone knows, please could you post a reply?

  3. actually australian goverment must give full exemption of school fees of children who are living and working in australia under temporary residence status.actuall t. r . holder already getting low income job ,how they can afford such heavy school fees. this is actually inhumanitarian law and act also of australian goverment.hope from year 2009 they amend this law and abolish school fee and medical fee for all parents who are holding temporary residence. in addition now econoic condition is deteriorating day by day.

  4. Private schooling about a max $5000 per year per child and public is not $5000. It would be about $1000 for 3 children per year. Depending on their age. As the older they get, with text books etc it does cost a bit more per year.

  5. In NSW Public School is 4500$ per child. I live in avalon and sent both my boys to Avalon primary on a 457 visa.

  6. How can we recoupe these fees?

  7. Not only do you have the $4500 + admin fee ($120 iirc) per child per year but of that the school tell me they only see $90 / child and would like me to “contribute”. The headmaster told me it was not a legal requirement but that they “request that parents of all foreign students contribute financially to their child’s education”.

  8. I am an international student studying a PhD at ANU (Canberra), high school fees here are AU$ 13,000 per year, more than tuition at the technical institution CIT for adults, which is about AU$ 11,000 depending on the course.
    These high fees are really ridiculous and so, there is no way that I can afford bringing my husband’s child to study and be with us. We are a young family and would love to live here, but the way the ACT government is allowing this, deterring potential brains and hands coming to their territory, is simply embarrasing.

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