Petrol Prices in Different Countries 2012


If you’ve ever wondered whether drivers in other countries are punished as harshly as we are in the UK by petrol prices, here’s a brief international comparison.

(Today’s petrol price in the UK’s major cities is approximately 129 pence per litre. The rate of fuel duty is 57.95 pence per litre and VAT is charged at 20% on the price of the petrol PLUS the fuel duty.)

We’ll focus on fuel prices in the countries Brits prefer to move to – Australia, New Zealand, France, Spain, Canada, the USA and Italy.

Here are typical prices (all shown in pence per litre at current exchange rates).

Standard Unleaded Petrol Prices

United Kingdom
(Pence per Litre)
Price a year ago
UK 129p 124p
(Pence per Litre)
Price a year ago
Adelaide 97p 80p
Brisbane 98p 80p
Melbourne 96p 79p
Perth 91p 81p
Sydney 97p 80p
New Zealand
(Pence per Litre)
Price a year ago
New Zealand 110p 99p
(Pence per Litre)
Price a year ago
Calgary 63p 68p
Toronto 79p 72p
Vancouver 84p 77p
Montreal 81p 76p
United States
(Pence per Litre)
Price a year ago
Las Vegas 55p 51p
Miami 57p 52p
Washington DC 56p 53p
Dallas 54p 49p
Los Angeles 61p 56p
Seattle 61p 53p

(Pence per Litre)
Price a year ago
France 127p 121p
Spain 110p 101p
Italy 131p 118p
Greece 131p 129p

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  1. Don’t know where you get your information from but the price you quote for Spain es certainly wrong. Here 95RON unleaded fuel is between €1.51 and €1.53 which is about 125p-126p at the current exchange rate.

  2. The prices are from Jan 2012. It’s obvious that exchange rate movements and gas price movements mean prices change month by month.

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