Petrol Prices In Different Countries


Today, we’ll have a quick look at petrol prices in the countries Brits prefer to emigrate to – Australia, Canada, France, New Zealand, Spain and the USA.

The prices in each of these countries were lower than typical unleaded prices in the UK.

Petrol was cheapest in some US cities (30 pence per litre) and most expensive in Italy (82 pence per litre).

Here are typical prices (all shown in pence per litre at current exchange rates).

Standard Unleaded Petrol Prices

Price (Pence per Litre)
Adelaide 46p
Brisbane 40p
Melbourne 45p
Perth 46p
Sydney 46p
Price (Pence per Litre)
Calgary 35p
Halifax 42p
Toronto 36p
Vancouver 42p
New Zealand
Price (Pence per Litre)
New Zealand 50p
United States
Price (Pence per Litre)
Boston 30p
Chicago 32p
Los Angeles 35p
Miami 30p
Seattle 34p
Price (Pence per Litre)
France 78p
Spain 60p
Italy 82p

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  1. In the Middle East you have

    Qatar = 17pence
    UAE = 30 pence

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